The Witchpreneur’s Key to Success: Embodying Truth In Your Business

    by Sara Hocking

    I am limitless.

    So are you.

    Sometimes this remembrance requires working through some layers of “stuff” to remember it.

    Whether we have limitations from this lifetime or others, the result is the same. Feeling stifled or feeling stuck or small.

    But, when we shed these limitations and do remember, we’ll feel that little tingle of possibility.

    That tingle is how I always know when something is about to happen. That magic in the air gives me a visceral sensation.

    The key is that once we feel it, that we don’t just stop with that feeling.

    We have to sing our song of freedom from rooftops (or social media platforms) far and wide. If we don’t share our realizations, our liberation cannot expand.

    Within the past few days, I deleted all the business offerings on my website, but I’m not shutting down my business or going on hiatus.

    I am doing business MY way, in full alignment with the deep depths of my soul. What I was offering clients was limiting, it was too small and it was hyper-niched.

    Why would I limit myself and my expansiveness. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to be offering “Paleo Cooking” classes through my intuitive-based business, just because I have chosen to follow a paleo meal plan.

    This does mean that I am working differently.

    I’m counting on my vibration, my magic and medicine to be what draws people in, not the copyrighting on my website (do NOT tell Don Draper!).

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    The irony here is that I’ve just joined a six-month business mastermind group.

    Within the first month, I’ve decided that writing website copy and creating “offers” are NOT what will drive people to work with me. The vibe I hold and put out in the world is.

    I knew this would be a month of resetting, but I didn’t anticipate throwing everything out the window.

    But, that’s what this time is about.

    We are living, breathing and creating what many have been calling “The New Earth,” or “The New Paradigm.”

    We are here because we are the frontrunners, the way-showers.

    As women, witches, healers, mystics, non-conformists, we are leading the way.

    We don’t have a choice.

    Well, I take that back. We do.

    We can choose to stay small and safe. We can remain in our den of solitude, quietly cooking up potions and making our magic.

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    Or, we can stand up and shine, in all our brilliance and glory.

    We get to choose to show others the path that we are taking, even when we aren’t sure where it goes.

    Leaders act like we know where the path goes, but I am here to tell you, we do not. If you have ever started some kind of business venture or had a creative idea, you know the truth in that.

    Just think of how many authors talk about their characters writing their stories for them.

    So, let’s go down our paths, with our torches held high to show others what we are doing and how we are doing it. Let’s be courageous enough to venture into the unknown.

    As the way-showers, we can choose to drop the conventions of marketing gurus and business coaches when they no longer work for us.

    We get to forge a new path. Of course, it will look crazy to everyone, initially. But, guess what?  Radio, electricity and computers in our pockets weren’t exactly well received either. We all know how those turned out.

    In embodying our deepest truth, we free others to do the same.

    Each of us will amass a following of others who are eager to explore their own truth, but don’t know where to get started. They can start with us, then take up their own torches.

    Before we know it, everyone is headed in the same direction, on different paths.

    Then, guess what happens?

    We see change in the world, because we made it.



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    About the Author:

    Sara Hocking is a keeper of secrets, believer in magick and Spiritual Alchemist. Her work is a catalyst for others to align with their soul’s purpose and to delve into personal transformation.  She strives to help her clients transcend their limitations and co-conspire with the Universe to create awesome lives.  Most recently, she’s been digging into the world of dragons. To connect with Sara, you can find her at her website, Facebook page, or join her Facebook group, The Alchemist’s Lounge.


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