by Uriel Gray


    So Mercury Retrograde starts tomorrow, and I am afraid.

    I’m darn full of Mercurial energy, and my last Retrograde? In January? That blasted my world right open.

    I found out exactly how reviled I was. I found out the dirty depths of some close family — too close for my liking now, and yet, what can be done about blood? Blood ties unless properly dealt with, and my husband and I are currently working on that.

    My deepest fears have always been around speaking out …so I’m doing it

    This Mercury retro, I am afraid to speak up and speak out. Doing so “last time” got me into trouble.

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    And yet, here is my truth:

    Unless I express myself, I am hollow. Unless I teach connection, I am not whole.

    When I isolate, I am raw and the spirit ocean floods me, but nobody benefits except me (and yet, “myself” is still a worthy beneficiary). My 12th house is where my Sun is, and I need to shine that connection or I am purposeless and lost.

    Not because of the retrograde. That’s due to my self-identity and vocation as a practicing shaman.

    Where does Mercury retrograde hit us?

    It is due to the retrograde that messages need to be more clear. Quick communication may not *cut it* during the next few days and weeks.

    The relationships you rely on to run without a hitch will develop a hitch if you’re flippant in speaking, writing, or texting to the person.

    Heck, just today my own husband “heard” me say the exact opposite of the thing I meant, in a much longer and twisted-up version that would have actually taken a lot longer to say out loud.

    That kind of thing happens when you’re flip with speech during Mercury Retrograde.

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    The cure for this “Mercurial drift” is attention. Your attention is your power, your magic and your love. Where attention goes, power flows.

    So with that, I’m sharing my Mercury retrograde protocol:

    …updating my smartphone software, buying that hosting account for my one website on the good deal I found, filing the contract I need to file before I start to feel that my signature is an irrevocable blood deal, and I won’t get just exactly what I signed for…

    Although that can be fun too.

    My Mercury in retrograde protocol this time around is grounded and single-focused.

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    Here’s my protocol: More Attention.

    Not on everything mind you, that’s a Bad Superman approach …but more attention on my messages. (They will probably get longer, and may be fewer, because I want to make sure that all I say gets said clearly).

    More Attention, on the connections that I value most.

    Increasingly, as I build my business, these are with my customers. I will give my customers (a good focus as Mercury is the patron of wealth through commerce) my time, my energy.

    Instead of pulling back, this Retro, I will give more… I will give to those sources that also nourish me (as my beloved customers surely do).

    Your focus, with Mercury in Taurus retrograding, is on what you want to nourish.

    As Mercury goes retro in Taurus, think about what you want to Nourish. Incidentally, Mercury in Taurus is retrograding in my 10th house of career, so customers are a very natural point of nourishment for me to Nourish this retrograde.

    So, find your house of Mercury Retrograde, and you find out…


    What to nourish as this beautiful planet retrogrades…

    …where to focus, in this time of chaos and renewing…

    …where communication rebirth is possible.


    If you’d like a free and short intuitive reading based on what house of yours Mercury is retrograding in, feel free to DM me on Facebook (with your birth details or a pic of your chart from

    I will only do 5 for folks who are not already Facebook friends, so be the first to contact me (or friend me and increase the chance of getting one.

    These readings will be done in honor of my patron Mercury… as he turns his mysterious and beautiful cloak of chameleonic lightning inside out for awhile.


    About the Author:

    UrielBioUriel Gray is a practicing shaman with a strange backstory. He loves Sphynx cats and the gods. You can go to his website, to learn more about his intuition course, his shamanic coaching, and to download his love letter to a particular dark God.





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