3 Sensual Flowers and Herbs For Love and Attraction

    by Shale Green 

    Love has the power to bring together and tear apart. It’s elusive at times, and all-encompassing at others.

    And the demand for love spells, prayers, and potions is present throughout history, and in the present-day lives of so many people around the world.

    Love magic is deeply rooted in many witches’ practices, and one of the most powerful and natural ways to boost a spell is by using herbs to draw the essence and invoke the energy that our herbal allies possess.

    Here are three sensual herbs you can use in your love spell workings to increase their potency.

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    Roses symbolize love almost universally, not just for magically-minded people.

    On Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or as a token of apology, roses are the choice way of communicating your feelings to a loved one.

    The Roman goddess Venus is associated with the rose for its vitality and passion.

    Venus was the goddess of love and attraction, which makes roses even more applicable in a love spell.

    In magic, roses are often used for the purpose of summoning love to you.

    The color of rose that you choose to do this with is significant.

    For example, if you use a yellow rose, you are attracting friendship.

    If a pink rose is used instead, it can bring a deeply romantic and tender love.

    The classic red rose often means sensuality and reflects a passionate relationship.

    There are many ways to incorporate roses and their properties into your unique practice!

    Rosehip is a part of the rose plant, and is often made into necklaces to wear around and attract love.

    Rose-scented oil can also be useful in a working that utilizes oils.

    If you need a little bit of self-care, adding rose petals to a bath can be a good way to get in some relaxation while performing a love spell.

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    Hibiscus is another popular herb when it comes to love and sex magic.

    The hibiscus plant is originally from Asia and the Pacific Islands, and was used for communicating loving intentions.

    If a woman placed a hibiscus flower behind her left ear, it meant that she was taken. If the flower was placed behind her right ear instead, it meant that she was available.

    Hibiscus flowers are usually completely focused on passionate love and are best suited for spells along the same lines. They are even used by many witches as an aphrodisiac.

    Some will make hibiscus tea to use this unique property. You can also dry the flower and take it with you to attract a lover, if that’s what you’re looking for.

    Another fantastic way to incorporate hibiscus into your regular magical routine is by making it into incense.

    Mixing it with benzoin resin as well as ginger, patchouli, or other desired scents, will result in a powerful and sweet-smelling incense that you can burn while doing love rituals.

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    Another herb you might consider using is basil.

    Basil is used in a variety of different spells for different purposes, and is found in magical traditions all over the world.

    One of basil’s strong correlations is with love.

    A strain of folklore says that if you give a person a gift of basil, they will fall deeply in love with you, and this will be devoted, faithful love.

    In Italy, basil was used as a symbol of sexuality. A woman would place a basil plant on her balcony when she was ready to begin seeing suitors.

    The strong and delicious taste of basil makes it a favorite candidate for potions.

    Grinding it up releases its taste and smell, and it can be easily combined to a mix with other ingredients.

    When washed and prepared correctly, basil can be consumed during a ritual, working its magic all the way inside you. It also has an excellent smell.

    Many practitioners of magic dry their basil out and burn it over a charcoal to release its love energy.

    You can make basil charms by drying the leaves out and placing them in a little sachet with a corresponding crystal and a piece of paper bearing runes.

    Using herbs in your magic is quick and painless and can bring a great deal of power to what you’re working on.

    If love is what you’re after, these three herbs are excellent choices to turn up the sensuality in your life and in your witchcraft.



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    About the Author:

    Shale Green is a green witch, born under Pisces, and a seeker of the mysteries of nature. He currently spends his time writing and being in the woods. Find more from Shale at WitchcraftWay.com and on Instagram.


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