by Katrina Hatchett

    Can you remember how it felt to be a child? To believe in magic, fairytales, miracles, goodness in all and the wonder of it?

    As grown ups we are constrained by adult responsibility, stuck in boundaries that we can’t think how to get out of. We get wrapped up in the day to day living and forget to dream.

    When was the last time you allowed yourself to dream of the life or career you really want? When did you last give yourself permission to have fun, adventures and explore life?

    It’s time to shake things up again, to believe in magic once more. Magic is within your reach but you can’t force it. You have to create opportunities to allow it to happen in your life.

    Here are 8 awesome tips to help you:

    1. Accept that magic exists

    Think about yourself as a child again.

    There was no doubt in your mind that magic existed. You were in a world of wonder and amazing possibilities.

    You felt like you could achieve anything, be anyone you wanted to be, your dreams were wild and vibrant. This can happen again if you…

    2. Get curious and connect with your inner child

    If you feel stuck in a rut and uninspired with your life, shake it up a bit!

    It’s time to get curious about life again, ask questions; What’s that? Who are you? How can I see more? How far can I run?

    You could learn a new hobby, join a new group, meet new people, do things that are unexpected, travel to amazing places and taste new foods.

    3. Wonder as much as you dare

    Remember the child who asks why why why? A thousand times?

    Try to be like that. Or wonder, what can I make of this? What could I do? What can I achieve?

    Enjoy the wonder and the mystery of the universe.

    4. Stop, Connect, Open Up

    Look after yourself.

    Now it’s time to connect deeply with your body, connect with your family, with your friends.

    Connect with nature.

    “Feel part of a river, a forest, listen to the wind. We are all a part of the universe’s magical story but our paths are unique. What do you stand for? What do you believe in? What is your vision for life? Embrace it. Be proud of who you are, open up,” says lifestyle blogger Tim Adams.

    5. Now Flow

    Move, feel your unique rhythm.

    Once you are open to magic you can unlock yourself by playing with your situation, moving your boundaries.

    Think again of that child who runs at the waves and then back to the beach screaming with joy each time the waves get bigger.

    Go further, learn more, lean in, discover, liberate yourself while still playing safe.

    6. Practice the attitude of gratitude

    Be kind! Be grateful. Giving is liberating your heart.

    You can make a difference to someone and that can be magic.

    Don’t expect anything back, just do what feels right at the time. Try random acts of kindness as and when you can.

    7. Live with a purpose

    Ever considered those bigger questions? What is my unique role in the universe? What do I add? What are my gifts? How can I use them?

    Dare to wonder about those issues and seek out what you can truly add to the magic.

    You are of value and you have a purpose.

     8. Listen to your “inner crazy”

    Have you ever had an unbelievable experience?

    Something you can’t share because people will think you’re “crazy” but you know it happened. Did you have help from ‘above’.

    Was someone or something ‘looking out for you’?

    “Do your dreams feel real? Many people have stories that are not ordinary. Accept your story, whatever it may be. Share it. Ask others for theirs. Sharing them releases more magic into the world,” suggests psychologist Emma Kits.

    And finally an extra top tip to fill your life with love.

    Love is itself a magical feeling. Remember when you fell in love?

    You saw somebody’s potential, their biggest possibilities and you helped them to achieve their goals.

    Even food made with love has a more magical taste to it.

    And if you aren’t doing something you love, it’s time to start now.



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    About the Author:

    Katrina Hatchett, a lifestyle blogger at Academic Brits and writer for Assignment Help, is involved in many business projects. She enjoys identifying project problems and find solutions for these, and her goal is to improve the effectiveness of our communication. She also writes for PhDKingdom blog.


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