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    I don’t have kids of my own. I cannot even fathom the emotions of all the parents I know who are affected by the world right now.

    Or their kids, some of whom are too young to walk yet, let alone understand what’s going on.

    I have an infant niece, and her mom & dad are doing their absolute best.

    As one of her witchy-godmothers, her spiritual protection is under my jurisdiction.

    And Auntie Tallah has some very powerful pop culture allies on call.

    Pop Culture is the new modern mythology. Super heroes are our modern Hercules and Thor, Gilgamesh and Odysseus. They are the mythical-archetypes of our modern age.

    Not to dismiss the heroes of antiquity, but I was reading my dad’s vintage Batman comics two years before someone bought me a book on Greek myths.

    I adore all mythology, but I resonate with the mythology of my own childhood heroes more than with the classical ones, especially in times of strife.

    Pop culture heroes are the perfect camouflage for protection charms right now.

    Clothing with Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s’ helmet, fearsome dragons guided by a Khalessi (Kali) in silhouette, monsters who exist only to battle and are fiercely protective of their ‘trainers’, like Ninja’s who are born with their own armor and know how to move in the shadows.

    Even if you’re not a Pop Culture pagan, know that there is power in these collective images and if your kid feels safe with a stuffed dragon, why not go all out and make it a Charizard!

    And if you’re an adult wearing a Cap shield shirt and a safety pin and you see something bad going down, I would certainly hope the symbol of Captain America encourages you to diffuse the situation and help.



    I think it goes without saying that Captain America would be furious right now with the state of his country.

    While not as well-versed in the lore of the Marvel Universe as some of my friends and colleagues, there are enough superheroes in Marvel-land for everyone to pick their favorite.

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    Same with DC. Pick a hero and wear their symbol when you feel you need protection.

    Wonder Woman in particular, would be great right about now.


    image source


    Who wouldn’t want a team of dragon riders to swoop down and blast some hateful people with fire?

    We can’t spit fire, and spitting is considered rude in most situations. But if your kiddo knows Dragons and owns half the toy aisle in Dragon stuff, run with it.

    pvw3image source


    Harry triumphed over Voldemort with the help of his friends and the power of love.

    Does your kid have a favorite stuffed animal? Turn it into their patronus.

    Let them tell it all their favorite happy memories and whenever they feel the ‘Dementors’ swarm, they can hug their Patronus and remember all the happy things in life.

    pvw4image source


    My personal go-to guys for protection and comfort.

    I could write a series of articles on the Turtles, in fact am drafting several, but i won’t get into that now. The Turtles are ninjas; experts at not being seen by the enemy, and they have saved the world against power-hungry megalomaniacs numerous times.

    They have natural body armor to deflect attack or absorb impact and that keeps their loving hearts protected.

    Two of them share the names of two archangels of healing and protection.

    There are so many incarnations to choose from, from the goofy 80’s for cheesy laughs, to the super-buff intimidating giants of 2014, to the classic Mirage who are deceptively frightening to those who would cross them.

    pvw5image source

    In the celestial dance hall where Kali is getting her groove on we need to be ready to roll with whatever beat the musicians change to, or else be trampled under her feet.

    Some magicians and sorcerers will retreat into their deep traditions and fortify thier sigils and wards.

    Some witches will fill bottles with urine and glass or bury puppets under stones to keep enemies away from their homes. Some will protect family members with oils, incense, candles and prayer.

    And some of us will use everything we’ve got, and make up the rest as we go. At times like these, it doesn’t really matter what you do, so long as you do something.


    About the Author:

    TallahBioPVWitch, aka Tallah, is a Pop Culture Heathen Witch living in the Pioneer Valley of Western Mass. She enjoys reading too deeply into cartoons and movies, witchcraft, existential quandary, and Tumblr, which satisfies all three. Follow her adventures in personal and professional development at Pioneervalleywitch.com or write to her at PVWitchTallah@gmail.com.


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