Self-Care for Witches in the City

    by Tara Jackson

    Being a witch in a city can be a magical but sometimes difficult experience.

    The world is re-awakening to the magic of this planet, living in harmony with the seasons and cycles and tapping into our greater potential.

    But it’s often easy in the city to lose that connection and get swept up into the busyness of life, with all the buildings, transport and lower energies.

    As a witch in the city you may just want to pack it all up and move out into nature where it’s easier to connect with your true essence and magic.

    But you don’t have to do that.

    There are ways to look after yourself and keep on witching in the city, as us witches are needed all over and especially in cities (in my opinion) so that we can help to bring back the magic.

    Here are some suggestions:

    1. Find YOUR magical spots in the city

    So many cities have beautiful nature spots or places steeped in history that may resonate deep inside you.

    Maybe it’s the evening city lights in a certain area, an overgrown cemetery.

    Perhaps it’s one particular tree or a flower shop that you have a connection with – explore a bit, so you have at least one place that can help you bring yourself back to you and that you can go to when you need.

    2. Use crystals for protection

    Have a toolbox of crystals at the ready for when you need that little bit of extra protection.

    Perhaps you have some on your window ledges to keep the energy high vibe in your home and others for when you are on public transport or even in the office.

    Take a look here for some protective crystals, and their properties, that may support you.

    3. Honour the seasons and cycles in your own way

    When you live in the city you may feel disconnected from nature and the elements, so making sure to honour the cycles and seasons keeps that connection alive.

    Have rituals for the new and full moons, celebrate the Solstices, chart your menstrual cycle with the moon, eat seasonally.

    Do what you can to keep that magical momentum.

    4. Bring nature inside

    Have houseplants, herb boxes, and an altar with seasonal items – such as leaves or flowers – on it.

    Keeping living plants inside will of course help to keep the air fresher and more high vibe, as well as remind you daily of your true connection with nature.

    Also, eating seasonally and including lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs in your diet will literally bring nature into you and help you to feel your best for all your witchy ways.

    5. Find and connect with other witches in the city

    Get out and find the other witches in the city.

    Having your people who get it, who are like you, and also dealing with similar things will make being a witch in the city sooo much easier.

    You can let yourself be YOU and can share experiences and more.

    6. Rock who YOU are

    It’s actually easier than you may think to be who you are in a city, as it’s the place people come to, to be and find themselves.

    It may feel scary to come out as a witch or share what you are up to on the weekends.

    But by standing in your true power and owning who you are, you’ll find the people who resonate and you’ll find it easier to be embodied as a witch in the city!

    You need to honor who you are amongst everyone and everything else going on.

    Above all being a witch in the city is about finding a rhythm and routine that works for you.

    One that honors your magic and true essence but allows you to do the work you are here to do.



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    About the Author:

    Tara is a witch living in London, the author of Embodied – A self-care guide for sensitive souls and a holistic wellbeing coach who works with highly sensitive people and empaths to help them with seasonal and cyclical self-care, self-love, reconnecting with themselves and being fully embodied, so they can thrive in today’s world. You can join her free seasonal self-care challenges for sensitive people here and find other ways to connect here.


    all images via Unsplash



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