7 Reasons YOU Have the Answers to Your Problems

    by Kelli Hansel Haywood

    Yes, you read that title right.  You have all the answers you need to your problems built into your system’s programming.

    You contain within your being all the magick you will ever need without the crystals, sage, candles and other tools of magick.

    You are a direct line of communication with the Source of all that is, and every manifestation of this energy.

    Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am a practicing eclectic witch/chaos magickian who accepts money for divination services.

    Some would say it behooves me not to make this knowledge common in the sharing of it.  That is not the way I work.

    It doesn’t behoove any of us to keep the knowingness of personal power a secret.

    That is, if we truly want to live in a healed world.

    Hiding knowledge is the behavior of charlatans and the equivalent of the blind leading the blind, as the biblical saying became a cliche.  That’s an old paradigm.

    Together we can create a new working model for our own personal and spiritual growth by having open and honest information sharing.

    As I prepared to do a zone rite and draw the cards for the free weekly pick-a-card Goddess Oracle reading I do every Sunday to guide the week ahead, it occurred to me to instead share with the folks I connect with on Instagram and Facebook the hows and whys of the inner workings of any reading, synchronicity, premonition, or a-ha moment on the energetic level.

    The mode in which you receive the information is only a tool.  It is the processing and integration of the information that allows synthesis – the space for magick and healing to exist in your life.

    You are a mad scientist energy conductor. The alpha and omega of your life.

    Here’s the part where I need you to hear me out because I’m about to share with you the primary system through which you conduct energy and manifest a large portion of your reality.

    The word or concept has for many of us become a tainted, flowery, unicorns and rainbows idea of hippie-dippy fame.

    Not that we don’t have a lot to learn from that approach to life, it’s just that many fear it being too soft to support the deep down darkness found in those of us who carry an abyss in our core.

    That said, this primary system that I know is the source of all your answers for practically every problem is… wait for it… the chakra system.

    I ain’t too proud to beg and I’m begging you now to continue reading.

    Your mechanism for finding the answers you seek lies along your spine in your physical body and emanates out into your subtle body as spinning energy vortexes of power.

    All information you’ve ever received – the good, bad, and ugly is processed through this system.

    Therefore, it’s imperative that we continuously check in there and do the work to keep the energy moving as freely as possible without stagnating and causing blocks.

    The blocks disrupt our ability to purposefully direct or even know our intentions toward healing, magick, creativity, and a slew of other endeavors.  In other words, they cause problems.

    Let’s begin with the foundation of our human experience and move up to that which we come to know without form.

    Here you’ll find the 7 reasons in list form with their name and corresponding element and planetary deity.

    1. Muladhara – Root – Earth – Saturn:

    This chakra is where we’ll find the answers to our issues regarding our basis for survival.

    Where do we belong?  Do we allow ourselves to belong?

    Here is where we ground down into the human experience and commit to being in a body.

    The goal is not to escape the human experience, but to use it as an impetus for learning and growth.

    2. Svadhisthana – Sacral Chakra – Water – Moon:

    Here lies the answers to our more intimate interpersonal relationships with friends, family, and lovers.

    We begin to express ourselves creatively through emotions, connections, and our sexuality.

    Are you connected or numb?  Do you allow healthy expressive relationships?

    What is your connection to emotion – emotional intelligence?

    3. Manipura – Solar Plexus – Fire – Mars/Sun:

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

    You’ll find the fire in your belly here.

    It’s the home of your personal power, focus, and will.  It is the energy to burn.

    Are you motivated to action?  Who are you?

    Not labels, but as an individual?  Here you become the “I” you express to the world.

    4. Anahata – Heart – Air – Venus:

    Love is the law.  Love under will.

    The heart is the bridge through which our humanness reaches our divinity.

    In this experience, one does not exist apart from the other.

    How readily do you accept the totality of your humanity – light and dark?  Your divinity?

    How willing are you to choose love?  To listen to your heart?  Can you even hear the calling of your heart?

    5. Vishuddha – Throat – Sound – Mercury:

    From this chakra, we communicate our truth and creative gifts to the world.

    Do you know your truth?  Have creative outlets?

    What about things left unsaid?

    Do you need to find your voice?  Learn to shut up and listen?  It is here that you are expressed.  Truly express.

    6. Ajna – 3rd Eye – Light – Neptune:

    Problems solved in this chakra revolve around second guessing ourselves, overthinking, constant analyzing, or always noticing that hindsight is 20/20.

    Developed intuition forms here.

    Processing divine communication and communication with spirit energy into that which is understood in the human experience is accomplished here.

    How do you allow light to reach your darkness?

    7. Sahasrara – Crown – Thought/Ether – Uranus:

    Here we receive Source.

    We find our connection to the wisdom of the bigger picture.

    Some associate this chakra with thought, but because I think of thought as verbal and intellectual, I choose ether.

    It’s here that we become again part of the One and a purpose bigger than our body and worldly experience.

    Where in lies your faith?



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    About the Author:

    Kelli Hansel finds safe and productive places darkness amidst a spiritual world feigning over white lights and positivity. She is a writer, intuitive guide, self empowerment teacher, and avid yoga witch.  Making her home in the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky her witchery and approach is steeped in the mountain traditions.  As a 200hr. RYT and 15+ year yogini and instructor, yoga and yogic philosophy deeply informs the magick.  Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and her website – www.kellihansel.com.


    featured image via Pixabay



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