Miracles & Divine Intervention in the Occult

    by Monefa Walker

    Like with many things, we have been conditioned unconsciously and consciously to view things in a certain way.

    This is something, that is shown time and time again when we think or hear certain words.

    I’m not talking about offensive, nasty derogatory ones. I’m talking about words that have lost their meaning, due to being shrouded in fear- based ideas.

    Ideas with the intent of control. Here are some of the words, that have been distorted over millennia: repent, vengeance, revenge, daemon, divine intervention, miracle.

    Now, I’m pretty sure a lot of us looked at those words, and one solid image or idea came into our minds, of what those words mean and represent.

    The problem though, is that those ideas behind the meanings and representations, are based in monotheism, religion. This is a problem.

    It means seeds are planted, incepted into our minds without the autonomous option to even choose that if we wish.

    Distorted blueprints if you will. Subsequently leading us to make generate fear- based choices, possible limiting ideas and beliefs due to working only with fear, and with very little love.

    Yes, it may sound “hippy”, but there is an abundance of evidence that metta cultivation, love 2.0, is the key to evolution.

    Don’t believe me? That’s okay, but do sit and think about just what kind of energy created you, that allowed you to be here at this moment, reading this.

    By the way, I’m not condemning anyone who practises magic/occult and claims to be religious.

    Nor condemning anyone, that sees themselves as just religious.

    That’s your autonomous choice, and that is what we’re meant to engage in, when choosing our philosophies and beliefs.

    There are two words I want to focus on: divine intervention and miracles.

    When we see both terms, a lot of us are told to believe such things do not exist outside a religious paradigm and most certainly, can’t be created by us humans with our puny undivine bodies. Right?

    Oh, that couldn’t be further from the truth. To be our best selves, humanly human is divine within itself.

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    When we grow and evolve, and notice old patterns of behaviour or thought, that is divine intervention.

    The new you, can now be objective at a higher frequency and vibration, so that you see and experience life for what it is: a journey, an adventure.

    Teaching yourself to essentially rewire your brain through neuroplasticity?

    Realising that physical illnesses and diseases can be healed when we heal the emotional connection?

    If none of that isn’t divine intervention, we are really doing ourselves a disservice on a personal level, and a collective one.

    Now to discuss the word miracle, we are going to briefly discuss symbiosis and compromise.

    Though I do want to point out that miracles and divine intervention are wings on the same bird, so to speak.

    The difference is one is more initiated by external archetypes, archetypes we cultivate relationships with.

    The other can be initiated by the self, the inner archetype and allowing yourself to coagulate and become someone more evolved, more grown.

    Symbiosis is accepting both archetypes, entities without withholding qualities depending on whether they’re “good” or “bad”.

    As dual beings with an ego (designed to help keep us safe), we simultaneously create and perceive our world.

    We do this so exquisitely that scientists have proven that when we look away, our reality changes.

    Same with photons; as soon as we look away, they vibrate at a different frequency than when we stare at them.

    So, going in the middle of that creation and perception, believing you have the ability with assistance is divine intervention.

    But to actually cause a radical shift there is a miracle.

    By miracle, I mean meditations, spellcasting, rituals.

    These all contribute to the ”solve et coagula”.

    Which is another way of saying we ferment our beings, till we reach a “goo” stage like the caterpillar, restructuring ourselves, right down to the cells in our bodies, so we can experience life as one synchronicity.

    At first, this is hard.

    But once we realise we have always been non-dual beings within the divine unconscious, then we are able to recognise that we simultaneously create and heal suffering within the world.

    That’s a miracle on a collective level.

    Profound transmutation, where one is able to change the frequency, in order to be in alignment with a higher vibration.

    Some of you, may be focusing on the “oh my gosh, how can I create suffering when I just want to heal the world?!”.

    Don’t let the ego make you feel guilty for what we are; whole beings that exist in a Universe where everything is worthless without its opposite.

    This is why it’s important to not compromise. Compromise is not symbiosis. Compromise is the illusion of symbiosis based on fear.

    The part that you restrict and retain in a compromise, is almost always the magic ingredient to help give you, what you’ve never experienced in your life before.

    The missing ingredient to allow yourself to experience true happiness, without attachment.

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    Next time you doubt your power, when you’re experiencing friction in your life, consciously ask yourself

    “what am I creating, and how I am perceiving it?”.

    The more we ask this question, the deeper we go.

    The deeper we go, the more beautiful the synchronous results we experience; miracles that we are able to produce with a united will.

    Once you’ve done that long enough, you may even find yourself realising that this act, this new-found response reverberates outwards.

    Past generations and future generations experiencing the profound shift, and healing that you’re choosing to create right here, right now.

    Power is precious, but power can also be lost very easily.

    It’s now time to reclaim yours.



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    About the Author:

    Monefa Walker is a classical pianist who lives in London, UK. As well as working in music PR and promotions, she runs a small occult business where she offers psychic, tarot and astrology readings. She’s also on YouTube.


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