5 Rituals That Will Help You Create Your Best Life

    by Kelly Dawn

    Rituals are a great way to connect to our Higher-Self, and feel more in tune with the world around us.

    They bridge the gap between the magical and the mundane, helping us create sacred moments whenever we choose.

    While they’re often used to mark special occasions, rituals can also be used to bring more magic into our daily lives.

    Here are 5 simple rituals you can do to create your most magical life:

    1. Discover Your Life Purpose

    Having a sense of purpose and knowing what you’re called to do in the world adds a whole new richness to the human experience.

    If you’re struggling to find your purpose, this ritual will help you gain clarity:

    For this ritual, you’ll need a purple candle, a white candle, a piece of clear quartz and your journal.

    Light the candles, and place the clear quartz between them.

    image source

    Then grab your journal and write at the top of the page “If I knew what my life purpose was, it would be…” and write out the first thing that comes to mind.

    Answer the question at least 20 times as it often takes a while to get through the things that we feel we ‘should’ be doing, and arrive at our soul based answers.

    When you hit an answer that makes you feel an emotional or physical response (you might tear up or cry, notice the hairs on the back of your neck tingle, or feel butterflies in your stomach), you’ll know you’ve received an answer to explore further.

    2. Build Self-Confidence

    Confidence is one of those things that gets built up as we consistently do things that stretch our comfort zone.

    Once we reach a certain level, there’s always a next level though, so building confidence is an ongoing process.

    For this ritual, you’ll want to find a place where you can relax and be undisturbed for  5-10 minutes:

    Take a few deep breaths and imagine a situation in which you’d like to feel extremely confident.

    This could be standing on stage speaking to an audience, going for a job interview, or even hanging out a social event.

    Imagine yourself being the ultimate, most confident version of ‘you’ in that scenario.

    How would you be standing, speaking, and breathing?  What would you be wearing? What colour would your nails be?

    Really get into the physical details as well as how amazing it will feel to be in that situation (remember, this confident version of you has moved through any fear or insecurity).

    Then bring that confident version of you into your current life by acting and looking like her as much as possible.

    This could mean wearing the same outfit from your visualization regularly and  wearing the same nail colour, as well as speaking and walking the way your most confident self would.

    3. Create Success Sigils

    Affirmations are wonderful to use when we’re reprogramming our mind with positive beliefs.

    When we affirm what we want to be true, and then act from that place of knowing, we’re able to manifest from a place of ease and flow.

    Sigils take things a step further by using symbols to help program our minds with these new, empowering beliefs.

    They can bypass any blocks you might have to believing your affirmation as symbols speak directly to your subconscious mind.

    To create your own success sigil:

    Write out an affirmation, or positive belief that supports one of your desires.

    For example, ‘Every day I’m growing more open to receiving guidance from my higher self’.

    Then grab a pen, look back over your statement and cross out all of the vowels and repeating consonants.

    Take the remaining letters and create a design out of them. You can doodle and combine the letters any way you choose, but keep the image around 2-3 inches in diameter so you can carry it with you.

    Once you’ve created your sigil, charge it by getting into a light, meditative state and gaze at it for 30-60 seconds while thinking of your positive affirmation.

    Once your sigil is charged, place it somewhere you’ll see it often, or carry it in your purse.

    Every time you glance at it, your inner self will be reminded of your affirmation.

    image source

    4. Self-Love Bath

    How we’re experiencing the world is always an inside job as it’s our thoughts beliefs and energy that are literally creating our lives.

    In order to create positive beliefs and see positive change, we need to begin with self-love.

    Having love for ourselves not only helps us feel more positive, it radiates outwards allowing more loving, high vibe experiences to be brought to us.

    Having a bath with love-infused water is an easy way to increase your self-love on a daily basis.

    For this ritual, you’ll need a glass of water and a rose quartz crystal:

    Set the glass of water on your kitchen counter, with the crystal beside it.

    Whenever you walk through the kitchen, pick up the rose quartz in your left hand and place your right hand over top of the water (if you’re left handed, switch things around and hold the crystal in your right hand).

    As you’re doing this, imagine Universal love energy flowing into your hand with the rose quartz, and moving through your heart centre.

    Then imagine that energy flowing out through your other hand into the water.

    Repeat self-love affirmations such as “ I am beautiful”, “I am Divine Love”, “I am worthy of giving and receiving an abundance of love” and imagine the water in the glass being infused with loving energy.

    At the end of the day, run yourself a bath (candles and essential oils are always a nice touch), and pour the love-infused water from the glass into your bath water.

    As you’re soaking, set the intention that all of the loving energy you sent into your water is now being absorbed into your body.

    5. Speak Your Truth

    Being able to freely share what’s on your heart and mind is a beautiful way to express your divine gifts with the world, and build authentic relationships.

    Often though, we censor ourselves and get caught up in worrying about what other people think.

    When that happens, our inner light dims, we feel unheard and that can lead to pent up emotions and frustration.

    If you’re struggling to share what’s on your mind, try this Speak Your Truth ritual:

    You’ll need a journal or something to write with, an almond, and lavender oil.

    The first step is to get clear on what you actually want to say by writing it out.

    To gain clarity, you can write “If I were truly sharing what I need to express, I would say…” and answer as many times as you like.

    This is especially useful if you need to have a difficult conversation with someone, and you want to express yourself without being hurtful.

    When it comes time to share what you want to say with other people, dab some lavender oil on the base of throat, and put the almond in your pocket (both are associated with Mercury which rules communication).

    Touch the almond as you’re speaking if you feel nervous or feel the need to tap back into your truth.



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    About the Author:

    Kelly Dawn is a  Witch, intuitive reader, and teacher of practical magic. She helps people uncover what’s holding them back from manifesting what they want, and through the use of magic and ritual, helps people shift the energy around their circumstances so they can experience the love, money and success they desire and deserve. You can find out more about her via her website or connect on Instagram.







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