The 12 Steps: Witches Rehab

    by Lauren Wallett

    No one ever overdosed on themselves. But we’re afraid of our ‘too muchness’.

    So we numb out with distractions. Substitute solutions. What if the missing ingredient in the spell of your life that’s delicious is you?

    Not the watered down, half measured fraction of you. Not the dimmed, dumbed, muted or diluted version.

    The secret spell to your heart’s wildest version of stimulation, satiation and success… the answer to all your perceived problems: is the concentrated version of you.

    When in doubt: add. more. you.

    You are the solution you’ve been looking for.

    This secret spell, uniquely yours cannot be duplicated by anyone else. Your blend is not another’s magic to make. You are non-replicable.

    A once off occurrence. A lightening flash in the pan of life’s tasty treat. Gobbled up and gone in a cosmic glimpse.

    Often the additions we add into our third dimensional mix aren’t adding any value. They’re deductions from our potency.

    Removing us from ourselves. Breaks. Chasms.

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    These additions – are externals to distract from the internal. Usually, addictions.

    And by any other name, as destructive. Disconnecting us from ourselves; from others; from source energy.

    Shrouded in mystery, there is a dark, rich, full, vibrant magick, denounced by society.

    Disguised behind disease – with limited access to the sick, shamed and sinful.

    The outcasts, the alcoholics and addicts. Beyond the painted picture of lives in tatters and ruin, lies a truth so potent, we’re kept from it at all costs.

    There is sorcery in sobriety.

    And if you want what we have and are willing to go to any length to get it – then you are ready to take certain steps…”

    Step One

    We admitted, we were powerful beyond measure.

    As conduits to energy source, channels to Spirit, we are here to create, shape and play.

    When we realised that our shape shifting ability to shrink into societies constructs no longer served us, it was time to step out of the shadowy recesses of the woods and forests, into the light of day.

    Step one is: out. Out the closet, corporate witch, mother witch, artist witch…

    We announced ourselves as ‘Witch’ reclaiming the treasures of our wonderful, wild, wicked nature.

    Spell Mantra:

    I am powerful beyond measure…

    Step Two

    Came to believe that the Great Creator, was to remind us of our birthright.

    We restored the mother, maiden, crone sacred trilogy to rest within our heart chakra.

    Spell Mantra:

    And so it is.

    Step Three

    Made an intention to turn our lives over to the care of the Great Creator – the universal source of star power from whence we came, from whence we return. 

    We aligned our united will to channel Source.

    Spell Mantra:

    As within, so without. As above so below.

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    Step Four

    Unbound ourselves to all the people, places and things that no longer served our becoming.

    We fearlessly embarked on the heroines journey. Letting go of old stuck patterns, we embraced new routines.

    Spell Mantra:

    I let go of what no longer serves me so that I may best serve others through me.

    Step Five

    Admitted the arousal of our existential kinks, to ourselves and to another Witch.

    Relished, in juicy detail, our painful pleasures, experienced while caught up in the human drama of our spirits experience in the third dimension.

    Spell Mantra:

    I clear attraction to adversity so that I may attentively tend to magic making

    with ever increasing potency of crystal clear intention. 

    Step Six

    Were entirely ready to dissolve fixed lead pain into fluid golden pleasures.

    We embraced play over perfection.

    Spell Manta:

    I revel in my perfuction. I am the calm centred in the chaos.

    Step Seven

    Unlocking our limiting beliefs, shedding the made up stories we’d believed as permanent fixtures, we consciously created capacity for Magick.

    Spell Mantra:

    Great Creator, make me a channel of creativity.

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    Step Eight

    Made a list of all soul ties we were bound to through fear based beliefs (anger, pain, judgement, and resentment) and released ourselves in the process.

    Spell Mantra:

    I cut the ties that bind to release myself from associations to memories passed.

    Step Nine

    Made right the wrongs, undid the spells that harmed others in the past, except when to do so would re-injure through unearthing buried secrets.

    We ceased the looped feedback of hate to hate and played a new song of release.

    Spell Mantra:

    I recall inflictions of suffering and curses on others and myself.

    I release in the ease of being unbound and free.

    Step Ten

    Continued to align to the Great Creator to clear the clutter and chaos in our minds

    so that we may channel creative source energy and create.

    We continued to remove blockages in the form of people, places and things.

    And continued to clear any external distractions from internal connection.

    We continued to refuel our internal well with source energy and limited draining life force activities.

    Spell Mantra:

    I contain, to condense the efficacy, efficiency and effectiveness of my most potent Magick.

    Step Eleven

    Sought through intentional spells and manifestation to improve conscious contact with the Great Creator to conduit magick.

    Only in our totality are we right sized to fill the the missing piece of the puzzle.

    Spell Mantra:

    I am a channel of creativity. A conduit of Spirit. My contribution is peace.

    Step Twelve

    Having had our Witch re-awakening as the result of these practices, carried these spells to other Witches, and continued to practice the magick of our witchcraft in all our affairs.

    Spell Mantra:

    I call to the Witches. Remember…

    Discover to Recover. We are magick.

    Welcome Witches, Welcome.

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    My name is *Lauren* and I am powerful beyond measure.

    A magical, shape shifting, time bending, wildly wonderful witch. With the world as my playground.

    Containing all the possibilities, I am the potent elixir in the spell of life.

    As I stand in plain sight,

    Watch me take flight.

    Free from earth bound plight,

    Fuelled by source, my heart set alight,

    I take each experience, in all her delight…

    I call to the witches, it is time to unite!


    Welcome to the Witches Rehab.

    Recover your inner Witch from the ashes of her burn down.

    (Witches Rehab officially opens on 24th December 2018. For details click here.)



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    About the Author:

    Lauren is a witch native to So​u​th Africa, now living in Hollywood. She’s the creator of Malva Academy. Her online program Witches Rehab officially opens on 24th December 2018. For details click here. Discover more on Instagram or Facebook!


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