by Tina Kinney Clarke

    Witches have been persecuted continually over the past 2,000 years.  As a result, the word witch has been given a bad name.

    It was very easy to be accused as a witch in the past. You simply had to be a strange woman or man that threatened anybody and you were a called a witch.

    The number of witches burnt at the stake or killed in some horrible manner ranges from tens of thousands to millions according to the different sources.

    That means if we continually incarnate on Earth there is a good chance you were a witch at one point.

    As a psychic medium, it’s not uncommon for me to learn that a client has been a witch in a past life and killed for it. How do you know if you were a witch in a past life? Here are six signs:

    1. You Do Witchy Things Now

    If you are a psychic medium, energy healer, Tarot card reader, sorcerer, magick practitioner, herbalist or something similar, then you were a witch in a past life.

    The fact that you are drawn to these subjects, and not even practicing, probably means you were a witch.

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    2. You Are Scared of Fire

    Often we have fears that have no rational cause to them. When I was a little girl, I was taught that matches and fire were dangerous but I took it to a whole new level. I mean, I could barely touch a match till I was an adult.

    This appears to be an overreaction but what if it’s a fear created from a past life? I find that many unfounded fears we have in this life have to do with traumatic events in a past life.

    Many witches were burnt at the stake. It’s perfectly normal that a reincarnated witch would be scared of fire.

    3. You Have Strange Dreams Doing Witchy Things

    I have a friend who had a reoccurring dream that she shared with me, hoping I could decipher its meaning.

    She dreamed that she was a witch about to be burnt at the stake. She was tied to a large pyre of wood, along with an elderly woman and young girl, all of whom were accused of being witches.

    A large crowd stood watching them in a medieval plaza surrounded by stone buildings.

    The fire was lit. My friend turned to the woman and girl, held their hands and instructed them to follow her. She said she created a bubble of protection around the three of them and they were able to untie themselves and walk away from the fire unscathed.

    She remembered the stares of hate from the people in the crowd, who stood and watched as she used her witchery to escape.

    Damn, I couldn’t believe how powerful she was!

    I told her that she was a powerful witch in a past life and I was truly excited to see what her powers would be in this life!

    If you have dreams like this or even better, dreams that reoccur like this, your soul is trying to remind you of your past and the powers that you have inside of you.

    Also, there’s no time like the present to bring out those powers now and start practicing and exploring them.

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    4. You Struggle With the Connection Between Your Mind and Body

    Fire was only one of the ways that witches were killed. It seems that the medieval people concocted all sorts of tortuous ways to kill someone. One of those ways was cutting witches in half or even quarters.

    I had an energy healing session where the healer told me my body was cut in half in a past life and therefore I struggled with my mind and body connection.

    She encouraged me to work on really being present and grounded in my body as well as connected to my higher power.

    Symptoms of not being connected to your body and mind are lightheadedness, unwillingness to be on the earth plane or simply feeling “checked out.”

    Unfortunately, no matter how much you want to escape your earthly existence, you are here to accomplish a purpose.

    I suggest meditation, practicing grounding techniques and exercising to help ground your body in order to feel safe and connected to the earth.

    5. You Have a Hard Time Speaking Your Truth

    Another way that witches were killed is the traditional beheading. This has wide implications for past witches when they incarnate again.

    Many past witches are afraid of what happened to them and struggle with the fear of sharing their natural gifts with the world. The fact that they were openly a witch and persecuted and killed for it would stop anyone in their tracks.

    If you were beheaded in a past life, you might struggle with speaking your truth and often times have your throat chakra blocked.

    Your throat is blocked when you experience reoccurring sore throats, canker sores or the like.

    You also may have a hard time standing up for yourself, speaking your opinion and indulging in your witchy ways.

    In order to open up and clear your throat chakra, I suggest seeing a trained energy healer or practicing speaking your truth and drawing your boundaries. The more your practice, the more your throat chakra will clear and open up.

    6. You Have an Irrational Fear of Anything Witchy

    This goes beyond the religious brainwashing that many of us have experienced. If the thought of Tarot cards, spirits, energy healing or anything metaphysical terrifies you, there is a  good reason:

    You were punished for being a witch in the past and your ego is warning you not to do it again.

    Well no matter what has happened to you in a past or any other life, I want to personally reassure you that YOU ARE SAFE.

    This is a wonderful time in history where your witchiness is totally needed and welcomed.



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    About the Author:

    Tina Clarke is a psychic medium, Shaman, Reiki Master and modern ghost buster.  She conducts past life information sessions and Reiki energy healing sessions in person or at a distance.  For more information please visit her website  www.stargazingangel.com.


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