by Dawn Eller

    All children are innately magical. They come into the world carrying a piece of heaven that we can still see years after they are born.

    As they start to grow, to acclimate to this world, to be trained to integrate into our physical human society, this light, this little piece of heaven is tucked away inside. We can see it less and less.

    For some children though, this change, growth, development happens differently. The change is more gradual, and sometimes more difficult, they are rooted more firmly in the heavenly realm and less willing or able to relinquish the power they had in that realm.

    These are what I call magical children.

    These kids are special, different, unique and no doubt about it require a special, different, unique set of parenting skills. What I call magical parenting skills.

    So how do you know if your child is a magical child? Here are some signs your child might be:

    1. Your child doesn’t easily relate to other kids at school.

    And you don’t relate to their parents. Those parents have it too easy, they have time to bake cookies and stuff, you are lucky you can get your kid to school in actual clothes instead of pajamas.

    By the time you get anywhere you have successfully fought an epic battle of resistance and made it out alive. And you even have clean underwear on.

    Yes, sometimes you feel like no one can relate that you are alone in this kind of parenting, but the truth is you are special, you have a unique and important job in raising this magical kid and there is no one as perfectly suited for it as you are. Not only that you have the skills deep down to do it.

    2. Your kid prefers to go to school in their pajamas.

    Your child does not have time for such mundane things as getting dressed and brushing their teeth and they are sure as hell are not going to let you do it for them.

    They often won’t let you do the simplest parenting tasks, like helping them put their shoes on or buckling their car seat/seat belt.

    They may or may not do it eventually, but it’s not because they don’t know how or it is hard, it is just that they are not on anyone’s time schedule but their own.

    These kids are actually busy at work in another dimension, “this world” stuff is their side job, and they have other-worldly priorities. All you can do is wait for them to bring their attention back to where you are.

    3. Your child follows her own inner rules.

    She refuses to do anything for the sake of appearances. She may sense disapproval or not, but she will not give in to someone else’s idea of right and wrong, she has her own mind and her own priorities and to hell with anyone else.

    Actually, if she were a revolutionary, we would say this was a critical trait/quality/characteristic, “Psst… She is a revolutionary!”

    Have you ever found yourself pleading for a moment of quiet or for your kid to just stop screaming until you can flee from the store and stuff them in their car seat?

    Or maybe you have found yourself kneeling to whisper as hard as you can “please just do what I said and I will give you McDonald’s” and hoping no one else will hear you.

    You always planned to be in charge of what your kid does, (you know, feed them only organic, whole foods) but then you realized that between your own child’s will and the will of the corporate machine, all hope was lost.  It can feel so damned powerless sometimes.

    4. You don’t make eye contact with other adults when you are in public with your child.

    You know they are staring at you and it is not because they are jealous!

    You don’t really want to see those stares of judgement from people who can’t possibly understand, especially those people who should be your comrades in this, other parents.

    What they don’t know is that your child is magical, your child is a paradigm shifter, and you are their guide, teacher and student all rolled into one.

    Don’t worry your kid is going to make their world a better place, they just don’t know it yet.

    5. Your kid can touch a squirrel or catch a minnow with their bare hands.

    Yes, he can communicate with animals in an amazing way, dogs, cats, insects he loves them all… to death.

    Your child is intensely curious about the non-human world and has no hesitation about exploring it. It is an absolutely amazing magical quality to be able to make contact with nature and animals the way your kid can, but it can be challenging sometimes to let them do it.

    They truly want to know and connect with other beings and the experience them fully. They don’t mind being scratched, bitten, slimed, whatever, they’re into it.

    You child acts more normal when they are surrounded by nature. This connection to nature is vital to everyone’s wellness and wholeness.

    Your child is leading you there or maybe dragging you, kicking and screaming.

    The energy of nature is healing and supportive and to tell the truth, nature needs you too.

    child2image source

    6. Your child can read minds.

    How many times have you just thought about the bag of Dove dark chocolate and then your kid asks you for it?

    How did she even know you had any? Your kid can read minds, literally.

    They repeat what you are thinking, especially if is something you are trying to hide from them. These kids truly are receiving and interpreting information from a wavelength that we are not tuning in to.

    Being aware of your emotional state, thoughts and feelings, and practicing neutrality is vital. These kids are perceptive and will use it to their advantage.

    This is a super power! We need to help them use it for good.

    7. You often find yourself doing something somewhere and you don’t know how you got there or why you are doing it.

    Like the ice cream parlor ordering a massive sundae for your smirking child? It’s because your kid has mind control ability.

    It may be just the result of the torture of sleep deprivation, but hey they can pretty much get you to do whatever they want.

    She effectively uses the Jedi mind trick on you, “you will buy me this inappropriate toy” all the time. This is serious magical influence being worked on you, and a call for you to develop and hone your own magical skills.

    8. Your child has saved your life at least once.

    Where would you be without the little teacher… who can push you to do the right thing more effectively than she can?

    Think about your life story for a minute, what was your trajectory before he was born?

    child3image source

    9. You often find yourself wondering if this a curse your own mother put on you.

    A part of you feels like this child is divine retribution from your own mother. Well, actually, it is, in a way.

    You may have a suspicion you were a magical child, too. Magical power runs in families, it is inheritable.  Sensitivity, perception, creativity- just to name a few of the qualities that are passed down this lineage.

    These qualities have not been honored or supported well in our modern culture.  Your child and children like yours are reclaiming it by force.

    They are, in the way only a child can, revolting against this, by revolting against any parenting that is a reflection of this.

    So your job is to tap into your own inner magician and help shape the future with your child.

    Now you know, yes, you have a magical child and you are responsible for training, caring for this little magician until they can do it on their own.

    But guess what? If you have a magical child you are magical by default and you are perfectly chosen to be this child’s parent.

    If you embrace, love and respect the power of their magic and use the challenges they present as a vehicle to the development of your own magical skills, personal growth and evolution, you will find, increasingly, a greater sense of inner peace and joy.

    Don’t worry, she will grow up, she may never leave home, but at least she will move out of your bed. In my next post I will give you some parenting tips for guiding a magical child.



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    About the Author:

    childdawnDawn Eller is a Naturopathic doctor/Alchemist, Instructor of Anatomy and Physiology for healers, and mother of two boys. She aspires to raise good men, consciously evolve and support others in their evolution, and help parents raise their children in a new paradigm of health and healing. She lives in Ithaca, NY where she runs a healing center and teaches, while her children are growing up despite her liberal use of growth stunting spells on them.


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    • Tammie

      Totally love this article. I have 3 magical children & sometimes it can get quite overwhelming. They have helped shape my life in the most magical ways and I always tell people they have been my key to unlocking hidden parts and aspects of myself.

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