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Some folks are confused. They seem to think that when we talk about “BAD WITCHES” we’re talking about people who are lousy at being witches, or who are evil.

Um, no.

BAD WITCH is a play on the pop culture term bad bitch. Bad as in “bad-ass” not “bad” as in “awful.”

The opposite of a bad bitch is not a good bitch – but a basic bitch.

What exactly is a basic bitch?

It’s someone who strives to be trendy in a very boring kind of way. Essentially, it’s someone who’s hiding from their own power and individuality by adopting the most cliche and conventional signifiers available.

Concerned that you might know someone who’s basic?

It’s a valid concern. You very well might.

We started BAD WITCHES in part because we were dead tired of reading publications geared towards women, including “spiritual” or “magical” publications that were fucking BASIC as hell.

What’s a basic witch?

A basic witch is someone who wants to be known as “spiritual” or “magical” but who hasn’t developed her own backbone yet. Just like with regular basic bitches, a basic witch is mainly concerned with fitting in and looking good and hiding her own true sexual and intuitive power behind either:

1) an overly timid / self-righteous concern with tradition and do-gooding

2) lots of exotic-sounding words and strange costumes but no actual original ideas or experience

3) a big fat victim story about how the world is so hard and she can’t get what she wants


(Rihanna, one of the baddest bitches / witches alive on earth at present

from http://fiercegifs.tumblr.com/post/37324926326)

Things commonly beloved by basic witches include:

talking about how money is just “green energy” and spiritually by-passing real economic and political issues

practicing over-indulgent care-taking and handholding and calling it “compassion”

sharing pastel memes on Facebook

saying “yoni” instead of “pussy” because “pussy” has an actual charge when you say it

staying stuck in poverty because business and sales are tainted and scary

routinely abusing substances like alcohol and weed rather than dealing with life directly

having plenty of airy ideals that they’re unwilling to put their whole gut and sex into



So what does it mean to be a bad witch? Well, of course you can check out 10 SIGNS YOU’RE A BAD WITCH – but in brief, bad witches are fiercely intelligent, original, sexually empowered and unconcerned with what other people think. Their magic is about pragmatic results and not about fitting in with the New Age or the goth crowd.  They’re people who have a natural gift for witchery and who work on developing their powers.

Bad witches aren’t led by trends or external rules but rather by their own inner authority – their genius, in other words. This often means that they’re stylish, dangerous to the status quo, brilliant and competent.

In other words, very very BAD.

image: Bad Bitch from Texas cover by Trill Kosby

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  • Edward


    • Aire

      Smart talk, Ed.

      Seriously, cool article. I needed some pointy words today.

  • Cathleen Bailey

    Love the article. Bad vs. Basic. I chuckled, also. Shared the mag and article on my FB page, hoping to rile or at least wake up some witches.

  • Kaitlin

    Though this made me chuckle a few times, one of the last things women need is other women labeling them and putting them down. And the VERY LAST thing an insecure woman (aka – basic witch/bitch, whatever you want to call it) needs is to be labeled, insulted and put down even further – how does that empower them to own their true power? It doesn’t. It does the opposite. We should stand with, not against, each other.

  • Nora

    this is idiotic. I’ve never met a woman of any real spiritual depth who was comfortable referring to herself as a “witch.” It’s a cheap trick to try to get laid. A woman referring to herself as a “witch” is the female equivalent of a dude who drives an F350 with a lift kit. And probably a “bad boy club” sticker and flames painted on it too. I tried referring to myself as a witch one time when I was 10 or 11 years old and was surprised at a) the effect it had on men and b) how stupid I felt saying it. “Witches” are big business in Hollywood right now, this seems to be fallout from that. I see it all the time lately, it’s become the same to me as someone walking up to me and telling me they’re retarded.

    • Carolyn Elliott

      Hi Nora, I’ve met very many wonderful people who call themselves witches, myself included. It sounds like you’re suffering painfully right now from righteous judgment of others mixed in with a longing to known and approve of your own magicalness. I approve of your magicalness and witchery whole-heartedly. I hope your suffering eases up and joy and love follows you all the rest of your days.

    • Ketutar

      Oh, wow…
      My first reaction was to object. I call myself a witch and I am deeply spiritual, though those two things have nothing in common.
      And about men finding witches sexy and it being a Hollywood fad… I think of all the witches I know and… Oh my. Little Nora here hasn’t met many witches, and… men… er… I can’t imagine she hasn’t met many men, but if this is what she thinks of men… I don’t think she has ever really talked with a man.

      “I tried calling myself a witch when I was 10 and I was surprised by what effect it had on men”. SOME MEN LOOK AT A KID CALLING HERSELF A WITCH AND THINK SEX? WTF! WHERE DOES THIS GIRL LIVE? Someone go there and take care of all the pedophiles!

      And the vitriol and whining… I mean… Poor girl! A major chip on her shoulder!

      But – I don’t think she is much older than 10 now, and if she was/is surrounded by pedophiles to whom “witch” means a free whore, I don’t blame her for thinking like she does. But I pity her. So very, very much.

    • Ketutar

      Now, Nora here might be 15 and deeply damaged by being made into a sex object before she even had become a woman, but what’s your excuse?

      Whining about some people being SO BASIC doesn’t sound “fiercely intelligent, original, sexually empowered and unconcerned with what other people think”.

      Frankly, Isaac Bonewits said it already so well in his Fauna Pagans. Let the fluff-bunnies play and concentrate on trying to become a “bad witch”. Good luck, live long and prosper and may the force be with you. :-D

  • MariHardy

    Awesome. “Regularly gets high on weed” whatever Bitch x

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