by Alyssa Collins


    What one must understand is that all of us are witches.

    Witches? you ask incredulously. But witches aren’t real!

    Of course we are, silly. And you could learn from us.

    The Universe

    The universe started with the Gods; of all pantheons, of all times, of all species, gathering around and deciding to create something out of nothing. T

    he big bang began and the world expanded faster and faster, made of 98% hydrogen and helium and 2% everything else.

    The other elements were created in stars; simpler ones in average stars that gently fell into the universe in stellar nebulae, more complex forms in massive stars that exploded in a mass of light in all directions.

    By chance or by fate, planets began from space dust, and eventually, the beginnings of life began on our planet, courtesy of the universe and the perfect coincidences of it.

    We evolved from nothing, creating an ecosystem of life with complex food chains and energy exchange.


    And then humans evolved. By some crazy brain mutation, we began to think for ourselves and gained our souls.

    We grew and learned and began to speak, and as we grew, we died and our energy, which cannot be created or destroyed, returned to the universe to be with the stars and the Gods.

    The planets around us affected our personalities, predestined from birth, and we began to use our most powerful muscle. This muscle is known as the mind.

    At a leadership camp, I was asked to face someone and put my arm on their shoulder, with their hands locked on my elbow and set with the task of bending my arm.

    I was then asked to think of things that made me feel weak; after, my arm practically collapsed.

    But when I instead thought of things that made me feel strong, I, a classically-trained violinist with no upper body strength, lifted a girl my size off the ground.

    Why? Because our minds are more powerful than any other muscle in our body.

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    The Beginning of Witchcraft

    As we gained our souls and stretched our brains, we began to unknowingly manipulate energy in a way far superior to that of other creatures.

    We began to put energy into the world and have it affect one another or bring similar energy back to us, we began to contact and characterize the pantheons of Gods that began the world; how could something come from nothing without higher beings?

    We became spiritual. Slowly, we grew.

    Slowly, when people heard that someone had done a good deed, positive energy was sent into the universe and the deed was rewarded; witchcraft.

    When someone did wrong, negative energy punished the evil-doer; witchcraft. Unknowingly, we created witchcraft.

    Witchcraft was then honed.

    The energies of the universe began to be given intent, being shaped to bring a witch’s will into existence. Intent was used to allow witchcraft to be specific.

    Intent was taking the energies of the universe and of others and gently manipulating it into whatever the caster could dream of.

    This is how I know witchcraft; a manipulation and a transformation of the energies around me that cannot be created nor destroyed.

    What about Now?

    The origins of witchcraft are still around today.

    All people practice witchcraft (most of them still unknowingly), with every thought had about the world and every action done.

    There are young witches sitting with their mothers and talking about bullies at school, and others pouring over a grimoire dating back to Gothic times with scribbled translations in the margins and years of a family’s learning and knowledge about the craft.

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    Is either better than the other? No.

    We are all here due to the same circumstances.

    We are all in a universe that had a chance planet and then a chance brain mutation in apes. We are a coincidence and we were fated, we were a creation and we are an evolution, but no matter which, energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

    Be it magic, magick, karma, mother nature, God, the Gods, Allah, energy, or anything else, energy is.

    Energy just is. The energy of a soul has to come from and go somewhere, the energy of a tree is real and able to be communicated with, and the energy that I have manipulated and seen manipulated is energy I feel in every being, emotion, crystal, molecule, vein, bone, flower, and atom in the universe.

    Energy is real and it is felt and anyone can access it.

    Still think witchcraft is fake?


    About the Author:

    WCBioAlyssa Collins is a Hellenic polytheist who practices witchcraft and Buddhism. She plays approximately ten instruments, is in love with the fine arts, and writes a lot (especially poetry). She is fifteen years old and a sophomore in high school. She is soon to be a spirit companion, and her practices include sigils, spellbottles, herbs, crystals, divination, spellwork, glamours, and bones.

    Her tumblr is Her (rarely posted on) instagram is @_simply_unexpected


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