Week of June, 6th, 2016

    In spite of everything that’s happened – or perhaps everything that hasn’t happened that feels infuriatingly on hold – I’m wondering if you can see that you’re facing a bit of a sweet spot right now.

    “What’s that? Really? Me – looking at a sweet spot?”

    Yes, indeed. The Nine of Cups, or “Happiness,” is also known as the ‘wish card’ in tarot. Quite literally, it is staring you full-on in the face. Nevertheless, given last week’s reading, it might take a bit of a creative approach to see it and, more importantly, feel its presence in your life.


    Let’s go back to last week’s reading, where there was a strikingly different card in the Ten of Swords looking back to you from the centre. So, assuming that this week’s reading is leading on from that one in the story-weaving of your life, how are these two very different forces being reconciled in your own experience?

    Think of it as the black clouds of confusion and defeat parting so that you can see the opportunity for a new choice dawning on the horizon.

    Approach it as a moment of light-infused whimsy that may seem to be too-good-to-be-true after the suffering and surrender to a force that brought you to your knees.

    Bring your curiosity to bear on a gift that is swirling in front of you. You might not take it entirely seriously after your Ten of Swords encounter. It might feel insubstantial. It might feel like it’s not up to the task of the moment. “What right do I have to believe that things could be different in any way at all?”

    Okay, let’s run with that: what right do you have to believe that things could be different in any way at all? What right do you have to have a meeting with Happiness?

    But that’s not the question to ask here. My invitation to you is to ask this question instead:

    Why do you not have the right to Happiness? You’ve sure-as-hell earned it (with an emphasis on “hell“).

    And the scene has been set perfectly to reach for it. Unlike the Ten of Swords, we have a very different Swords card as the foundation to your reading this week.

    The Four of Swords reflects a time of stasis – a period where things have been put on hold in order to find a sense of mental equilibrium. It feels like this wasn’t entirely voluntary; it’s likely that there has been a recent slow-down in your life, whether in one particular area or in your life as a whole.

    It’s as if someone hit the cosmic “pause” button, and there was little option but to move within to find the resources you needed most.

    You may have felt more alone than you have for some time. This, however, is for good reason. It has been to find your balance, to reach for what hasn’t felt possible – for what you may not believe you deserve, even – in order to strike out knowing that everything you need is coming along with you.

    Allies are a nice-to-have – they may even be welcome – but, this time, you don’t need them.


    For the first time, in a key area, you have discovered that you are your own best resource, the progenitor of the beauty in your life, the sole witness to what is beautifully unfurling in front of you – born from you.

    This isn’t whimsical at all. It’s big stuff. You don’t for a moment have to buy into the belief that it is insubstantial – just so much cotton candy.

    Why is it that you’ve become so conditioned to take the ‘heavy’ seriously, and not the ‘light’? When was it that in your mind happiness and joy could be trumped by despair?

    What have you been telling yourself, really? Is it a belief you want to keep holding on to? Or is there something about happiness that is still waiting to be discovered?

    Can it be trusted? Can you trust yourself?

    Why, yes. Yes you can. Just look at what it gives you in the shift from the second to the third card. Look at that beauty that stays with you – that is you – as you keep going down your path.

    Now take another look at the Nine of Cups and remind yourself where you have just come from. What does your heart want to do – knowing that you need nothing more than what you already have? Knowing that you, alone, are the answer you’ve been looking for?

    What thought can you finally put down that no longer serves you, and which has been taking up far too much space – space that can be better used for what is ready, waiting, for you to believe in the beauty of its truth?

    Astrology Correspondences: Four of Swords (Jupiter in Libra), Nine of Cups (Jupiter in Pisces), Three of Wands (Sun in Aries)


    About the Author:

    ScaryTarotBioSarah is a tarot-teaching, tarot-reading, tarot-writing witch with a devoted interest in getting people turned on to the magical, alchemical, utterly transformative possibilities of these potent 78 cards. With a background in psychotherapy and certification as a somatic sex educator, Sarah is not only supremely interested in tarot as an art-form, but also in every client and student who comes through her virtual doors, and how they can forge their unique rhythm with the cards.
    You can find Sarah at her website Integrated Tarot, and on Facebook.





    Card images from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc.


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