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The Witch Knows How to Live in Two Places at a Time

When the veils are thin, the energies are coming intense

5 Reasons Your Filthy, Dark Past is Your Key to Freedom

Life doesn’t leave anyone without keys no matter how complicated the locks.

Green Witch Diaries: Chamomile

Chamomile promotes peace and tranquility and dispels disruptive energies.

5 Signs You’re A Badass Spiritual Activist

by Jessica Walker My whole life, I’ve been in love with two things: my ...

3 Practical Shadow Work Tools to Heal Yourself and Unleash Your Magic

The more we explore and accept the disowned aspects of ourselves, the more we ...

Green Witch Diaries: Lavender

An immensely versatile herb, lavender has many medicinal properties


I dare not disobey her, so I force my leaden feet to move a ...

Dream Interpretation That Doesn’t Suck

By its very nature, the subconscious doesn’t “make sense.” However, it does give us ...

3 Ways Dance Liberated Me

Almost instantaneously, dancing returned me to myself in ways that nothing else had.

Green Witch Diaries: Garlic

Garlic is often used for invoking healing, courage, and strength.

How Magic brought me to the truth: I am a Witch

by Valerie Kausen I was watching a year-old recording of a live class a ...

5 Ways You Might Be Disowning Your Feminine Nature

Owning our feminine nature as women is a courageous act.

5 Signs You’re Not Inhabiting Your Body

We get nowhere in this human experience by ignoring the body that classifies us ...

6 Signs You’re A Genie Caught In Someone Else’s Lamp

... you have a responsibility to free yourself into your own shine.

The Empath’s Stigmata

The dark side of being an empath is how heavy the power of emotions ...

Initiate The Priestess Within

[...] it is an archetype of the collective consciousness and it can be taught ...

Slaying The Sleep Paralysis Demon: 3 Practical Tips

Sleep paralysis, although soul-shakingly terrifying, is not physically dangerous nor poses a serious medical ...

Journeys To The Dark Side

Sometimes it feels like, rather than communicating with, and showing you, the medicine just ...

What Is Psychic Energy and How to Protect It?

Everyone can use these ideas to steer away from the negative energy that others ...

Crafting My Story: Why I Write

My work, even as I struggle, has the power to encourage others.

9 not-so-obvious tips for writing a Magical Book

by Nicola Humber I know that many of my fellow witches are feeling the ...

5 Signs Your Spiritual Teacher is On A Massive Ego Trip – And Could Wound You Next

Run to the door if a teacher ever implies that you are confused because ...

When your ‘higher vibration’ is an abandonment of service

Detaching from reality becomes a form of detaching from humanity, including our own.

Healing the shadow side of progress

In truth, the monster you've created of the 'other' only gets its strength from ...

Mine Your Depths, My Pretty!

Dive again, to fathoms, to atmospheres! Don’t quit this work!

What does it mean to be a Priestess of Morgan le Fay?

With Morgana’s help, I rebuilt and remade myself from the ashes.

Shamanism, Witchcraft, and Psychology

This is such an important discussion to keep open because so many people live ...

Lion Medicine – 5 lessons about boundaries, power and protection

And sometimes it just takes a little bit of fierceness to restore balance when ...

Shadow Masks of the Witches

Slipping into a shadow mask is one of the simplest forms of self-deception.

RECLAIMING MY POWER: My Battle with Mental Illness

When dealing with your health always listen to your body, always listen to your ...

Healing – the call and ache of the soul

Healing is forgiving and breaking the pattern of endless expectations - of not doing ...

The Nine Hidden Faces of Morgan le Fey

Did you know that Morgan le Fey is so much more than “just” a ...

The Key to making Magick work

How can we integrate our personalities, perform Service, and strengthen our Magick?

The Athame’s Edge – The Ever-Narrowing Path of Witchcraft

Continue to ponder examples and you will see how sharp this path can get.

The Magical Art of Showing Up

We are not victims, nor a product of our circumstances. No matter how convincing ...

The 12 Steps: Witches Rehab

Containing all the possibilities, I am the potent elixir in the spell of life.

I am a Witch – a personal journey

Stand tall and howl ‘Witch’ to the stars and trust the Universe to hold ...